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Best Meal Delivery Services for March 2023

Welcome to the best meal delivery services comparison website in America. Compare prices, meals, and get the best meal kit offers and meal prep deals, to make sure you and your family are eating well in 2023.

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Healthy meals delivered to your home. There are lots of meal options available including gluten free and plant based which enable you to eat healthy without going to the grocery store.

Some of the most popular meals delivered to you are peppercorn steak and chicken parmesan, just heat and enjoy. Whatever you choose, they all have quality ingredients. You can choose your portion sizes which allows you to eat the number of calories that you want to, and also the number of meals per week.

Flexible plans enable you to fit your meal deliveries around your diet and also your budget. Affordable meals mean you will be pleasantly surprised at how little you will spend since many are easy on the wallet. You can also skip a week whever you want.

Most meals are made with organic ingredients too which gives you peace of mind that the food you're eating is healthy. You can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner knowing that your diet is perfectly balanced and that you have incredible meal variety with an endless number of meals to eat.

Even for picky eaters, there are options and all have easy to follow recipes with amazing flavor combinations. For example, sausage baked penne, peppercorn with sautéed carrots, french green beans, or tasty meals like pesto pasta.

Our favorite is to order a meal from Sunbasket which has juicy chicken with sweet potato that tastes so good your mouth is watering. Weekly menus and food deliveries often come with ice packs which enable your food to arrive fresh. Each meal delivery service has family friendly options too, from fried chicken to mushroom risotto or pork canitas delivered fresh to you.

When you lead a busy lifestyle, you want to eat well but not spend half your day cooking. What are your food habits? Are you a meat-eater, a spaghetti-eater, a cookie-eater? Fortunately, many meal kit delivery services will get you your required protein, carbs, and fat in a manner you'll appreciate. The companies below we think have the best meal kits in 2022.

Our Top Choice: Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a meal delivery service that is 100% plant based and is also suitable for non-vegans. That's because the meals are incredible. Purple Carrot doesn't attempt to imitate meat dishes and instead focusses on whole foods and so will satisfy meat eaters.

Purple Carrot meals are vegan and healthy with most being centered on whole foods and vegetables with no meat, dairy or animal products of any sort. There are very few tofu based meals at Purple Carrot as they're not attempting to imitate meat dishes.

Best Customer Service: Veestro

All of the meal services we list provide excellent customer service, but Veestro really excelled in this area.

We gave Veestro our second highest score of 9.5 out of 10. It has the highest rate of customer satisfaction among leading meal kit companies, and its meals are delicious and nationally delivered.

Veestro provides flexibility and lets you skip any week and you can spend less than $50 per week on their order and it offers up to 38 weekly choices using Customize It, priced from $6.99 with mix and match based on your preferences. Time to cook is negliible with meals taking only 5-10 minutes to prepare.

Gluten Free Meals

Eating gluten free has become increasingly popular recently, even amongst people who jut have a mild gluten sensitivity and aren't completely gluten intolerant. People find that their overall health improves after eliminating this from their diet. All of our meal delivery services reviewed here include gluten free options from paleo versions to vegatarian.

High Protein Meals

People on a high proteiin diet will have plenty of options from Sun Basket - from Sicilian style chicken or ground beef that can be grass fed beef which will nourish your body.

Dairy Free

Lactose intolerance affects many people and all of the meals on services reviewed here will include dairy free meals.

Nut Free

Nut allergies can be serious and all of the services reviewed on this site include nut free options with everything clearly labelled and disclosed.

Do You Prefer Meal Kits?

Meal kit delivery services include recipe cards to enable you to cook amazing meals quickly. These recipe cards are easy to follow and will make you feel like a cooking genius. Easy recipes cover everything from the cooking process to the details of timings and are real chef meal kits. Often the ingredients are locally sourced and of course are pre measured to ensure you make the perfect dish. Portions and ingredients are

Or Prepared Meal Delivery?

Ready to eat, high quality meals delivered to your door. Prepared meal delivery services are super convenient and allow you to order chef prepared meals that are fully cooked. These pre made meals are ready to eat and just require heating. Meal prep delivery like this enables you to choose your meals and not worry about not having the time to cook as dinner has already been delivered.

How We Tested Meal Delivery Services

If you're like us, you read all about meal kits and subscription boxes with lots of promises. We review them all and present the pros and cons to you, and we're adding more reviews all the time. Here's how we do it.

Every service is signed up for and ordered 3 meals from. We decided to display the top three here first and are adding the other reviews day by day. Soon we will upload the photos from each set of meals ordered. We judged them on:

  • Taste - the main factor, did we enjoy eating the meals?
  • Health - were the meals healthy and would form part of a balanced diet.
  • Meal Options - do you want to try a vegan diet or a paleo diet? Services with these options scored higher in this area.
  • Customer Service - services with good customer service gained points in this area.
  • Affordability - not just price, but things like the ability to pause a meal, or the ability to buy in bulk.

Richard is a Consumer Advocate and amateur chef who enjoys trying fun recipes and writing about them. His reviews are from an everyday perspective to help consumers make the best meal delivery choices.

Richard Gargan


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