October 13, 2022

Yumble Kids Meal Delivery Service for Picky Eaters

Best Choice for Picky Eaters
100+ meals ✓ No cooking required ✓
Best choice for kids, mealtime made easy!
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With Yumble, you get healthy kids meals delivered fresh, and your kids get rewarded for eating well. Yumble offers a variety of options, including organic, vegetarian and gluten-free meals. If you're looking for healthy meals delivered fresh, or your kids need encouragement to eat healthily, Yumble is the perfect choice.

25,000+ 5-Star Reviews from parents of picky eaters on Yumble means there is a good reason for every parent to put Yumble on their radar.

If healthier eating isn't enough of an incentive to get your kids to eat better, Yumble will give you a $5 credit per month per child if you let them wear the Yumble sippy cup while they eat.

Who its good for

Yumble meals are best for picky eaters and children who are obese, because they allow you to customize your order exactly as you want it. Many other kids meal delivery services require a strict set of ingredients.

Yumble is also popular among parents who give their children a lot of autonomy and want to minimize their involvement in their kids daily meal choices.

However, if this sounds like too much work, or your kids aren't very picky eaters, then you're better off with any other kids meal service.

What you get with Yumble

With Yumble, your order will arrive at your doorstep fresh. You can choose up to 10 meals per week or up to 20 meals per month. Whether it's a vegan meal or gluten-free meal, there is no limitation on menu choice.


After selecting a plan, you and your kids choose from Yumble's weekly menu. They cook and deliver free to your doorstep every week. Simply serve as is or heat for 90 seconds or less. Kid’s mealtime, done!

The price of Yumble varies depending on how many meals you order each week. Here’s a breakdown:

6 meals per week: $7.99 per meal
8 meals per week: $6.99 per meal
12 meals per week: $5.99 per meal

Richard is a Consumer Advocate and amateur chef who enjoys trying fun recipes and writing about them. His reviews are from an everyday perspective to help consumers make the best meal delivery choices.

Richard Gargan

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